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Buying a house in Bradford?

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BusyBee786 Mon 04-Sep-17 12:53:51

Hi everyone,

Me and my hubs are planning to buy a house in Bradford/surrounding area and hope to settle in Bradford for perhaps 5/6 years. Neither of us are from Bradford and we moved from London to here for work (been 3 years now), so still have no idea about the areas.

We are presently trying for a baby also, so our main concern is to buy in an area with decent primary schools at least. We do have a budget of £250k, as it is our first home. Obviously we know the more affluent the area, the higher the house prices.

We would really appreciate some guidance as to where we should start looking.

Many thanks x

user1471462428 Mon 04-Sep-17 13:01:19

Baildon is lovely and has a very rural feel. I love Saltaire but our friends live there and had terrible damp problems due to the age of the building. Place like Shipley are cheaper but still quiet to live in. We made the mistake of staying in our city centre flat when our daughter was born, it was incredibly isolating as the city centre is a ghost town and the baby group I went no-one spoke English apart from the lady running it.

Winenight Mon 04-Sep-17 13:04:07

£250k is a decent budget for the Bradford area. How many bedrooms etc do you need?

Personally I wouldn't choose central Bradford as somewhere to raise a family, but there are some nice areas like Saltaire, Baildon, Guiseley etc or Ilkley, although that's a bit further out.

I live about 7 miles south of Bradford. Where I am the schools are good and it's convenient for motorways and commuting. Round here £250k will buy you a 4 bed detached new build.

delilahbucket Tue 05-Sep-17 09:57:11

I wouldn't live anywhere near Bradford centre. I can't think of a single nice area. I lived in Haworth for many years which is nice and the local schools are excellent.

user1471462428 Tue 05-Sep-17 10:31:40

My friends just bought a house in Clayton heights, new build it's lovely. Don't know what the house prices are like though

Eragonsegg Sat 16-Sep-17 00:13:10

I'm in baildon and it's a lovely village. I love shipley too although thats more townlike.

Strotty Mon 25-Sep-17 16:09:36

We moved from London 16 years ago. Spent a couple of years getting head round area before plumping for Baildon. Very happy here and have 2 children who've gone to Baildon schools so would happily recommend this area.

MeriReu Mon 25-Sep-17 16:25:26

Baildon is beautiful, great schools too.

Not sure if Ilkley is classed as BD postcode but it's lovely there too.
Idle/eccleshill isn't too bad.
I'd stay away from centre/buttershaw/wibsey etc personally but that's me.

Rose0 Thu 28-Sep-17 20:19:47

I'd definitely recommend Shipley - has a very nice feel and near enough to enjoy the benefits of Saltaire. Also good transport - frequent buses going from Keighley to Bradford and the trains go to Leeds, Bradford, Skipton, and Ilkley. An excellent choice of primary schools in that area too - Wycliffe, Saltaire Primary, High Crags, then faith schools like Shipley C of E and St Walburga's/ St Aidan's if catholic. Looking at the long term the secondary schools also give some variety - can often get into Dixons schools and Bingley Grammar as well as the obvious Salts and catholic schools like St Mary's and St Bede's and Joseph's.

catsnickedallmypens Fri 20-Oct-17 00:23:38

Saltaire/Shipley. Good range of houses at affordable prices.

Local primary schools good (though I think Wycliffe recently got a poor OFSTED report).

Good parks and outside space to explore for younger kids. Plenty of local shops and an ok, functional if not fashionable town centre. Oh and a good local swimming pool and library. Some really nice restaurants and cafes within a 2 mile radius. Spanish, Italian, French, Indian.

Good public transport links to Leeds and Bradford.

Decent secondary schools - Beckfoot, Bingley Grammar, Titus Salts.

Only downside is Philip Davies as the MP but there you go!

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