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Politics Bolix !

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Primamadonna Sat 02-Sep-17 07:12:32

I know in Norn Iron we are sick to the teeth of politics but yesterday I went to the jobscentre to ask if I could get help to upskill after being a stay at home parent for a few years. I had shiny & optimistic ideas of getting onto a computer course to get up to date...alas no. The guy told me that there was no money left for courses, nothing, nada, their budget had gone. My choice was the local library information boards where I may get a course run locally. He said on account of our government playing in their prams, there's no money left & no funding for the foreseeable future for those wanting to upskill to return to work (I don't get benefits per se but I am officially unemployed iyswim).

Then I see the Belfast telegraph and a large computer generated image of a Spagetti Junction type affair of road system planned for Belfast, thanks to all the funding...mmm

I grew up through the troubles and got the hell out of here as soon as I turned 18. I have come back and I am amazed and slightly embarrassed - it seems all that is happening is we are paying a vast army of civil servants to tell us there's no money left for anyone (except their salaries) and so they can all fight/argue.
I thought I'd get that off my chest but I was wondering is anyone else directly affected by the 'no money in the pot left'.
I am also wondering if anyone knows of any low priced computer courses around belfast re web design/social media type thing ?

puppydogmummy Wed 06-Sep-17 07:52:06

What part of town are you from? I know the Ashton Centre runs all sorts of courses but prob mainly basic computer skills but I will keep an eye out for you! And yes, politics.....ballix!!!!!

EamonnWright Wed 06-Sep-17 23:34:12

Would also suggest the Ashton Centre. Obviously depends where in the city you are although it's only a few minutes from the centre. I'm sure there are other similar places elsewhere. The person you spoke to obviously couldn't be arsed.

Computer classes are free at the Ashton Centre btw.

Also politics are pretty shite everywhere these days!

Primamadonna Sun 10-Sep-17 11:00:48

Thanks for replies - I'm about 10 mins from Belfast so I'll definitely look up the Aston Centre, didn't know about it at all.

I forgot I should have said ballix as opposed to bollix ! My accent is slipping...

shoofly Sun 01-Oct-17 11:21:07

Have a look at Women's Tec. They run all sorts of courses, not just the "non traditional skills" stuff which is their main focus. They're just up off the Antrim road.

Primamadonna Tue 03-Oct-17 13:08:32

Thanks very much shoofly, I'll Google that smile

ThreeFish Thu 05-Oct-17 20:51:29

If you're Ards/northdown, try Kilcooley Women's Centre.
Or SERC college for low cost part time courses. Is there anything available in Belfast Met?

Btw the new road junction at yorkgate m2 was paid for by EU money before Brexit. It's a different ring fenced pot of money apparently.

And I quite agree with the politics ballix. We should all, everyone of us, vote and spoil the ballot so that none of them get returned. I am sick of all parties equally. That would have the only effect they can understand - no pay.

Primamadonna Fri 06-Oct-17 13:02:45

Thanks @ThreeFish - it's good finding out about all these options.

Re roads - I knew that some £ was from the pre brexit fund but I thought there were more plans re roads, lots and lots of them ! Anyway I'm sure the fun will be forthcoming.
Its all ballix confused

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