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Women in Business -How to make it in Business without loosing it in life!

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karolina2017 Fri 01-Sep-17 17:53:25

‘’How to make it in Business without losing it in life’’

At this event we will acknowledge the challenge that female entrepreneurs face and provide you with a starting point as to what you can do to make a difference not only to your business results, but also to the life your business could enable you to lead.

There is no obvious gender bar to success in business, yet women entrepreneurs often have to work harder and smarter to be recognized in an arena that is still mostly male dominated.

Women have always been drivers behind great successes from time immemorial. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that their contributions are being recognized only now. The gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are altogether as much a part of the feminine armoury as are the highly undervalued qualities of intuition and emotional connection.

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