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Husband left again

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Mowenna1 Thu 31-Aug-17 21:37:18

Hi well my husband has left for the seventh time with the same routine no warning sneaks off when I'm in shower for example or bathroom!! When I say gone I mean gone for at least two months before I hear a word from him..... Total silent treatment no text nothing don't even know where he goes.... Now I'm not stupid of course he could have another woman.... He did it with previous marriage..... Anyway what's annoying me is same pattern day he goes he rings bank stops me having any access to money..... He been gone three weeks now and today he cancelled our sky subscription so no TV and no internet for the children to use laptops for school and college..... No pre warning didn't tell me doing it so I could try take over with name change. The household bills will follow im sure..
I've been to solicitor week ago and divorce papers being drafted and sent to his parents home.
I'm hoping that everything goes quick with divorce. We own home mortgage free fifty fifty tenants in common but he refuses to sell. Won't pay me out either so I'm thinking court now to intervene.
Very fed up anyone been through this??? Xx

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