Recommendations: best areas to live with good access to Lincoln for teens

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Relocation4us Wed 30-Aug-17 22:52:08


We are considering a move, possibly to one of the Lincolnshire villages - somewhere that has good public transport links to enable my teenagers to have independence and access to Lincoln itself and access to good secondary schools / 6th form / colleges.

I would really appreciate comments and recommendations from other parents in the Lincoln/surrounding area as to the areas we should consider and any that should be eliminated if they are too rural. For those areas recommended what facilities would be available for to 15/17 year olds please.

Thank you.

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MrsPnut Sat 16-Sep-17 07:42:15

Many of the villages have good links to Lincoln during the day but once it gets to 7pm, it is Mum's taxi or nothing.

We live in one of the cliff villages and we chose it because it is served by two bus routes. There is a youth club in the village that caters for 13-18 twice a week, but everything else is further afield.

I'm not as familiar with the villages in the North of the city but if there are areas you want to ask about then I can do my best.

FaithAgain Sat 16-Sep-17 08:10:51

I live in one of the villages North of the city. Round here it's not bad, plenty of bus services until evening. Local senior schools have bus services too. There are a few accessible from this area, several have 6th forms: William Farr at Welton (CofE - quite academic), one at Cherry Willingham, Christ's hospital on the way into the city centre and Castle Academy on Yarborough road. Bus services are regular into town. Coming back it's a taxi but it's only £10-15 (been a while since I went out in town! I would look at Welton, Nettleham, Sudbrooke, Langworth and Cherry Willingham in the North. Oh there's also a grammar school at Horncastle (although that's quite a way from Lincoln, I wouldn't want to live that far out personally).

I grew up near Birmingham so I do find it kind of quiet round here at times! I was used to bus services until 12.30am, none of that here! It is improving since the university is growing, we are getting better gigs at The Engine Shed (bands and comedians you've heard of!). There's enough night life for when the kids get older. Nottingham isn't far away for shopping. You can get a train from Newark and be in London in a couple of hours. Personally I love village life with a city close by. Best of both worlds.

SoPassRemarkable Sun 17-Sep-17 07:57:33

Saxilby has a train station with hourly trains into Lincoln as well as the buses. Lsst is a school option, definitely for sixth form, not sure if they would have in year places further down the school. I would say that lsst is the best comp in the area. Last train back is 9:30pm. Not much happening for teenagers in the village itself, scouting groups if they like that?

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