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Going to big school!!

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Flashinggreen Wed 30-Aug-17 06:35:34

Any one else on Secodary school countdown?!

DS1 has been going to a small private school but is now off to Poole Grammar. He's got to go on the bus! I'm hope he'll be ok. He's a stoic child but easily wound up so I'm worried about him being bullied. He's also dyslexic so has done very well to get in and I'm concerned he's going to struggle. His maths is strong but loads of writing is tricky, and he's a slow reader.

Just thought I'd use the local board for once and see if I get a response!

awishes Wed 30-Aug-17 15:55:03

He will be fine! I was just today saying that I have never heard from my two of any behavioural issues at grammar. Best of luck to your DS exciting times!

Flashinggreen Wed 30-Aug-17 17:40:52

Thanks for the reply.

I know he'll be fine but he's my PFB...

Just had to do a made dash to M&S Castlepoint because the trousers I ordered him 2 months ago in the offer time didn't fit him very well. I'm usually very organised so don't go there last minute. It was chaos! Thannkfully a kind assistant found me what I needed and after queuing for the changing room we managed to escape.

Got to get everything named now, what joy!

LocalEditorDorset Tue 12-Sep-17 13:16:08

How did he get on? Hopefully settling in now...

My daughter just started at secondary school too, she got very anxious before she started and the lockers are so hard to manage but she is starting to settle down now.

Flashinggreen Wed 13-Sep-17 18:04:01

He's settling in well. Although complaining that the bus is too noisy!

It felt harder than when I sent him to primary school, since he's more vocal with his concerns.

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