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Kenley / Coulsdon area

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user1494757343 Tue 29-Aug-17 10:31:15

Hi all,
We are considering moving to Kenley / Coulsdon area from Beckenham. Please can anyone help me with local info ? Are these areas safe ? Are there any rough areas nearby?
I'm wondering why houses are cheaper here (than Beckenham)?

RoderickRules Tue 29-Aug-17 12:37:46

Less facilities than Beckenham.
Kenley is really trafficky in the mornings.
Coulsdon and Kenley both pretty in parts.
Croydon Council, not Bromley.
Largest resident population of any London borough.

RoderickRules Tue 29-Aug-17 12:39:56

Oh, I'd say they are safe.
Both neighboring Croydon with its bad reputation.
I know Croydon very well and never had a problem.
Some friends won't let their DC there, but I have no qualms.

user1494757343 Tue 29-Aug-17 13:37:43

We saw a house on Coulsdon road (near Coulsdon south station). Is that area ok? Is Coulsdon road very busy?

RoderickRules Tue 29-Aug-17 14:56:04

It was trafficky but there was an underpass built which eased it.
There are some nice green spaces around there.
Look at the observatory for statistics on pollution and other local info.
What area are you coming from?

user1494757343 Wed 30-Aug-17 09:26:15

We are in Beckenham now. We are priced out of our area for a bigger home. We been looking for over a year now, found Coulsdon a few days ago. Missed it because we didn't look in Croydon at all! Really pleased with what we can get for our money here.

RoderickRules Thu 31-Aug-17 08:47:20

Ah, I see you mention that in your opening post!
If you like the place, I say go for it.
Coulsdon over Kenley imho.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 01-Sep-17 03:06:20

Coulsdon Road is Old Coulsdon. Nice area, very safe and miles away from Croydon.

lacebell10 Mon 04-Sep-17 21:26:32

Old coulsdon is pretty and very green. Still a village feel. Some parts are in Tandridge rather than Croydon.

UnicornSparkles1 Wed 13-Sep-17 14:11:21

Old Coulsdon is lovely. The area has a nice community feel - the local residents fundraised for the children's playground. Nice schools.

Ninjamilo Wed 20-Sep-17 20:33:50

Old Coulsdon is nice but not great for commuters as it's still a bus ride from the train station

Agnieszkagilchrist Wed 17-Apr-19 08:07:47

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of any childminders who do school runs for kenley primary school?
My daughter starts school in September...thank you

commuters30 Fri 03-May-19 08:21:07

Kenley looked ok. But coulsdon town looks run down. Even the new build up in the hill isn't great.

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