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What is a good school?

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Leedsnew Mon 28-Aug-17 12:53:45

Hi, I am a new mom and we are moving to Leeds in 2 weeks. I was reading up about schools and areas etc..I know maybe too early since my kid isonly 3 months...But I want to know nonetheless in advance...What is a "good" school? Since some things are important to some parents and some do we generalize and decide which is a good school and which isnt? Thanks in advance.

whatsthecomingoverthehill Mon 28-Aug-17 23:44:46

Ummm it's whatever you think surely? Some people will judge them mainly on results, others on ethos. Some prefer a small school etc etc.

In general the easiest thing to go by is Ofsted reports. If you have particular things you are concerned about then ask around and try and find put more. E.g. some schools have better reputation for SEN etc.

Leedsnew Wed 30-Aug-17 19:09:37

Thanks...whats SEN?

whatsthecomingoverthehill Thu 31-Aug-17 11:14:49

Special educational needs

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