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OnMyShoulders Sun 27-Aug-17 22:02:45

Hi 🙂

I'm a 39 year old mum of 5, originally from Edinburgh. Although I've lived in Dunfermline for a few years, perhaps because of circumstances, I haven't met lots of other mums in the area. I've had lots of change over the past couple of years and I'd really like to make some new connections now. I'd like to maybe join a book group or walking club but Google's not coming up with much! I also like going for coffee, a glass of wine etc and just trying new things. I need a local buddy to have adventures with! Anyone else in the same boat?

OnMyShoulders Sat 02-Sep-17 14:30:00

Hopeful bump (I'm lovely btw grin)

LocalEditorFife Wed 06-Sep-17 17:27:02

Hi there

Thank you for your post and welcome! Would you like us to tweet and post a link to your thread for greater reach? Do let us know what you think. Of course, you are lovely!

All the best,

GherkinSnatch Fri 22-Sep-17 14:01:34

Duloch Library do a book club smile Not sure how easy to get to it would be but it could be worth having a look at.

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