Reigate Grammar School - Honest opinions please?

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BackToBlightyAgain Tue 22-Aug-17 11:25:13

After being expats for 7 years we've unexpectedly come back to the UK this summer to look after DH's elderly parents. This is a couple of years earlier than planned as DS was in Year 11 at an international school and we had assumed he would finish there first and we'd move back once he went to uni.
There's an option for him to stay and become a boarder, but he's not keen, so I'm desperately investigating our local options.

On paper, we like the look of RGS and the results are certainly impressive. We've been told that they are expanding the Sixth Form this year and assuming his iGCSE results are OK, that he might be able to get a late place. (He's predicted all A*/As, so should be OK)
However I'm just interested to know about the 'feel' of the school? Looking at their Facebook and Twitter pages it looks a bit as if it's obsessed with sport - rugby, hockey etc is that true? Do the 'jocks' dominate the place?
DS isn't really sporty, is more academic, wants to do maths/ science A levels. He also plays a couple of musical instruments.

Would really appreciate honest insights.

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LIZS Tue 22-Aug-17 11:40:27

There is emphasis on sport but it is also well respected for performing arts and music. It is a more traditionally formal school than perhaps some others locally. The new 6th form centre is due to open in the Autumn, hence room for expansion. We've known scientists do very well there and go on to top unis. Last year they were advertising spaces and tours after gcse results day so worth a look.

TheOneIssue Wed 27-Feb-19 12:45:52

Any more comments from parents on the strength of academics in the sciences, please?

tulipsandcognac Wed 11-Mar-20 17:51:39

Academically it’s very strong!! Science has its own very snazzy building, RGS is strong in all areas except you need to establish yourself quickly when you joined because you’re pigeonholed immediately

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