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Family dinner ideas?

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simplychampagne Mon 21-Aug-17 21:58:37


I am looking for family dinner ideas, we seem to eat the same things every week.

Do you have a favourite dinner idea to share?

I have just watched the cookery show tonight with the winner of bake off - she made an apple crumble with flapjack ingredients as the topping. It looked amazing and definitely doable, even for me.

Take care

ALocalNameForLocalPeople Tue 22-Aug-17 13:24:36

That crumble sounds lovely!

What things do you seem to eat a lot of? I try to cook a variety of meals, but the fussiness of the DC and sometimes DH prevents me being as adventurous as I'd like to be!

Favourites with my lot are toad in the hole, chicken and asparagus pie, fajitas (or even wraps with chicken dippers in!) or jacket potatoes.

simplychampagne Tue 22-Aug-17 17:28:10

Ooh yes we do fajitas a lot. We tend to eat chicken every meal toad in the hole is a great idea, I forgot about that, I used to make it. Thank you for these ideas which are exactly the type of thing we like x

LocalEdPeterborough Tue 05-Sep-17 20:04:50

Hi ladies,

You are making me very hungry with your great recipe suggestions.

A favourite of mine is to slice open chicken breaths , stuff with Boursin cheese and lay in a casserole dish. One chicken breast per person.
Wrap the stuffed chicken in Parma ham.
Add cherry tomatoes and herbs to the dish, cover in foil and pop in the oven.
The combination of the tomatoes and Boursin creates a lovely type gravy. Very tasty.

Kind regards

AC14MUZ Fri 29-Sep-17 09:29:58

We always have a roast chicken once a week, goes down a treat and the great thing about roasts is for the most part you pop everything in the oven then forget about it!

Another family staple of ours is pasta bake, I use this recipe:

I also do this veggie meal and it goes down well, cheap and super easy:

Tonight we are having steak with home made potato wedges.

Pauline, I'll be trying that chicken recipe this weekend, it sounds AMAZING!!!

LocalEdPeterborough Sat 07-Oct-17 09:37:04

Oooooh, the pasta bake looks lovely, its good to know it works when tried at home. I think Ree Drummond is great too.

I love the Jamie Oliver BBQ baked beans, it has all of my favourite ingredients, paprika and sweet potatoes too.

I think that is me sorted for the weekend, thank you very much. Its better to have tried and tested recipes.

It's good to try to eat some meatless meals each week, we tend to eat chicken every day here, I do need to be more organised with my meal planning.

Take care

Ploppie4 Sat 07-Oct-17 10:27:23

We do falafel, fish pie, risotto, curry, stew, anything really.

LocalEdPeterborough Sat 07-Oct-17 10:32:00


Fish pie is a good idea, thank you
What type of fish do you add? I have added mussels and prawns in the past but I'm not sure both in the same dish works.


Arinjo Sat 07-Oct-17 14:50:42

Cooked pasta with passata, tuna and olives stirred in. You can add grated cheese and let it melt under the grill. That's very quick to do.

We have chilli con carne in wraps regularly. That's a winner in our house! We have very fussy small people!

I am after a good curry recipe for the slow cooker, anything I have tried so far hasn't been that great. So if someone has one to share, please do :-)

LocalEdPeterborough Sat 07-Oct-17 19:54:11

Hi Arinjo

I love tuna too, so this is a great recipe for pasta, I'll definitely give this a go.

We eat wraps regularly too but I never thought of filling with chilli, what a great idea. Thank you

The curry I make is very mild from Annabelle Karmel, it's very tasty even though it's mild and the whole family loves it

There is a Peterborough lady doing an Indian cookery demonstration tomorrow at the Autumn country fair at the showground tomorrow. I've bought the spice mixes from her and they work out well. I'll try to find the details.

Have a lovely evening x

Ploppie4 Sat 07-Oct-17 21:37:16

I do a Jamie Oliver recipe with prawns and a frozen fish pie mix. Spinach, lemon, parsley, pinch of chilli, grated celery/carrot and a big wad of grated cheese. Mash on top.

Arinjo Sat 07-Oct-17 22:35:59

Thank you for the curry recipe. I love these threads. My lot are rather fussy and it's great for inspiration x

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