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Thinking of moving from Aberdeen to Crawley , Pound Hill area

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silinm Thu 17-Aug-17 15:16:16

Hello dear members,

We are family of 2 kids , both girls 8 and 5 and hopely 3rd is on way thinking to move somewhere down south. One of friends recommendations was to think about Crawley ( Pound Hill area) as it has decent schools and good area. I am working in London , so for me commuting is crucial , my wife is not working , just looking after kids. We are very active family, kids are going to different classes like, swimming , dances , rainbows , etc. We like to trade a lot to different places , like castles, parks , etc. Could you please advise if Pound Hill is good choice or I should look somewhere else!

lels99 Thu 17-Aug-17 18:51:18

Poundhill is a lovely area with great commuting from three bridges. Schools all have good reputations but are seriously over subscribed. In recent years a lot of children have ended up being offered places at schools in a lot less desirable places in Crawley. Have you considered commuting from Gatwick? It's easy to get a parking season ticket and gives you the flexibility to live in surrounding villages such as copthorne, Crawley down etc. Feel free to pm me

Cagliostro Thu 17-Aug-17 21:30:42

Well, I really like Crawley smile Pound Hill is nice, DD does ballroom dancing there.

One of my favourite things about Crawley is that there are loads of parks. Tilgate and Buchan Parks are fabulous if you like walking etc. There's woodland all over the place too which my kids love.

Being so close to the station is great too (three bridges has far better connections than Crawley itself).

Can't comment on schools as we home ed but I do think it's a good choice for relocation. It's well connected while being close to the south coast and plenty of nice countryside, we have the best of both worlds I think.

notmrscookie Sun 01-Oct-17 08:41:56

Lived in pound hill 20 years done school all OK both school different so look carefully .loads of national trust places nearby .plus beach and London . Its a nice place ..lots to join and meet new people.. Coyldfo worse if u need

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