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Wood flooring advice needed

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MartaJ Thu 17-Aug-17 13:05:13

Hello everyone, I've decided to do some home improvement at my place. My big dilemma is the flooring confused. I really don’t have any idea how the things are going to happen, because I have old floorboards, which in my opinion are in a poor condition. I've contacted a company to see what could be done, because my idea was to install a new laminate flooring over the existing floor. The guys tried to convince me that after restoration service, my wooden floor will look outstanding again.

I can't decide which option is better. Is there someone here, that has a sanded and refinished old flooring? I'm not sure if it will be pleasing to the eye. If you could also tell me any opinions about the local flooring company I'm about to get for the job - FlooringFirst

Any advice is much appreciated.

LondonMum2000 Sat 02-Sep-17 11:50:09

We've had both laminate flooring and sanded and stained floorboards in our house. In my experience, potential buyers like the floorboards and they do look fab. However, for areas that are going to get more use, we've gone for laminate, but one with a texture. Haven't heard of that company I'm afraid.

MartaJ Mon 04-Sep-17 15:27:23

Well, in the end I've decided to give the floorboards another chance. Now, after the job is completed, they look remarkable. I think that in my case, they were the better choice. The company did their job well, I'm satisfied with the hard work of their team, so should the need arise - I will definitely recommend them.

Thanks for your response smile.

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