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Miscarriage - Community Support in Newport, Wales

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user1473779262 Wed 16-Aug-17 17:12:05


Since experiencing two, possibly three, early miscarriages I found that the hardest side effects are loneliness and feeling isolated with your feelings. Whilst I found that my physical needs were, to some extent, taken care of I felt my emotional and psychological ones weren't. No one talks about miscarriages, my friends and family pretend they never happened. I find this angers me, frustrates me, saddens me that I am the only one who acknowledges these babies ever existed.

I have gone on to have a beautiful baby boy but still find myself suffering nightmares, flashbacks and such terribly sad moments when my mind wanders and I think of what might have been. And in those moments I feel so alone, I realise there is no one and no where for me to turn to to express these complex emotions.

Having done a few days of research I am so sad to find a severe lack of community support for miscarriage in the South Wales area. I am not looking for one to one counselling services, I have done that. I would just love to be around like minded parents who want to work through their pain and build some friendships and support networks.

So I am here with two queries. Firstly, does anyone know of any welcoming groups of parents in the South Wales area? Secondly, if not are there any other parents out there who also would like community support?

Thanking you in advance.

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