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Great play parks around Sawston, Stapleford, Chesterford, Duxford etc

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Jaxxon Mon 14-Aug-17 18:27:46

Just wondering if anyone can help with advice for great parks or picnic areas in this area. I've sort of stuck a pin in a map for this being an ideal place for meeting a friend. She's coming from Portsmouth, I'm coming from Norfolk and I had suggested Cambridge but then thought an outlying village might be better as we can both avoid the dreaded Cambridge traffic and parking issues. I'll have a 16 month old and she may have a dog so ideally a nice open space for running around and picnicking would be great plus a nice park (realise the dog might not be allowed to come in this part)
Are there any recommendations of particularly baby/toddler friendly parks? And I suppose somewhere with outside space to get a cup of tea would also be ideal! Not sure if I'm asking for too much but would certainly appreciate local knowledge!

laketaupo Mon 14-Aug-17 18:29:43

Great Shelford , playpark and large park next to each other (play bit fenced in) lots of dog walkers , then the Shelford Deli for coffees, lunches, snacks etc.
Also a Tesco express, co -op and other bits in the village ,plus a bakery. There are various car parks available for free use too.

grumpysquash3 Wed 11-Oct-17 23:25:30

Duxford has a nice play park, but Great Shelford has far more amenities. If you want to meet in central Cambridge, Lammas Park has an amazing play area and kiosk, toilets, car park etc.

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