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Lichfield - What are the good schools and areas?

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mrskitty15 Mon 14-Aug-17 07:59:06


We are looking at possibly relocating to Lichfield to be within close proximity to Lichfield City Station. I am from the Midlands originally so I am somewhat familiar with Lichfield but am totally clueless on what areas are good and bad and the same for the schools. I would also be interested in baby groups etc too. Any information would be greatly appreciated smile Our other option is Sutton Coldfield. Thank you all!

ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 10:19:23

I only really know the high schools in Lichfield but Christchurch is a primary school thats very good and very sought after and The Willows is an excellent primary school too although its location is in a less desirable area but its probably one of the best primary schools in the county.

King Edwards is the best high school in Lichfield but heavily oversubscribed. You genuinely need to live within a quarter of mile or less to have a genuine chance of a place there.

The Friary used to be next best and Netherstowe least preferred but theres very little difference between the two of them now, theyre both ok so it would be whether you wanted a large school, The Friary, or the smaller Netherstowe.

Sutton Coldfield generally is better schools wise. Theres far more choice and competition so the schools seem to compete against each other to gain students. Theres Grammar school choices in Sutton Coldfield too. I dont know any primary schools in Sutton Coldfield but high schools theres the Arthur Terry school which is Outstanding and very oversubscribed and admits within a tiny few hundred meters of the school.

The main difference is the diversity. Lichfield is very white with a small number of BAME families. Sutton is much more diverse with a good mix which I feel is better. For me Sutton Coldfield would win hands down because of the schools, location into Birmingham for work, the shops, leisure facilities, social life. Lichfield isn't as lively with less by way of leisure, social, shopping. Lichfield is cheaper than Sutton Coldfield if you compare their nicer areas but still far more expensive than the surrounding areas. Average 3 bed with drive and gardens in a nice area of Lichfield (on the Darwin estate, sometimes referred to as Waitrose estate) would be around £300,000. Boley Park would cost a little more at around £320,000. The south/south east and south west of Lichfield are the nicest areas.

mrskitty15 Mon 14-Aug-17 11:00:59

@ReinettePompadour Thank you for all the information, that is very helpful smile

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 14-Aug-17 19:25:16

Hi! I'm Lichfield born and bred so will try to help if I can!

Historically, King Edwards has had the best reputation but not so much anymore. In fact The Friary has received the most applications of late. Netherstowe is also an excellent school, but is still unpopular with some due to its' past dodgy reputation, although that was all many years ago now. When it comes to choosing your secondary school I would definitely recommend visiting all three & applying for whichever is the best fit for your child at the time. All three are very good, all three are different.

If you want to be within walking distance of Lichfield City station I would recommend looking at Boley Park (half King Edwards catchment, half Netherstowe catchment) or - if you want Friary catchment - the area close to Morrisons (Beacon Street, Stafford Road, Wheel Lane, Grange Lane and all of the little streets off them) is around a 15 minute walk to the station.

Primary wise, if you opt for a house in north Lichfield (near Morrisons, mostly Friary catchment) I would second the recommendation for The Willows. Charnwood is also a very good school. Avoid Chadsmead for now - it used to be an outstanding school a few years ago but, sadly, a new head was appointed about 5 years ago who managed to somehow destroy the place sad. They have a new head starting this September, so I really hope things can eventually go back to how they were. No idea how long that may take though.....

If you opt for south Lichfield, Christchurch has a good name (I went there myself many many years ago!). St Michaels used to be considered "the best" when my eldest was primary age - I'm not sure how they are doing currently though. I don't know anyone who's had a child there for around 8 years.

What is your budget? If I know what sort of price bracket you're looking at, I'd be happy to suggest some nice roads/areas that may be worth looking at.

Personally, I wouldn't touch the Waitrose estate with a barge pole. It is well placed for commuting, walking access to town etc., but the houses are so close together and the gardens so overlooked. There are much nicer bits of Lichfield for a similar price.

mrskitty15 Mon 14-Aug-17 20:34:14

@SantasLittleMonkeyButler Thank you very much for all of the information, that's very helpful smile

Our budget is probably a max of 250K (stamp duty etc) which may not be a lot but we aren't looking for anything huge, we just need 3 bedrooms and off road parking, with the possibility to extend at some point if feasible. I am not really keen on new build estates as like you say they all seem very close together. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you smile

ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 20:38:30

This one is under the catchment for Netherstowe high school but The Friary could be an option if numbers are low the year you apply. Its a nice enough area and away from The Dimbles which is the area I would suggest you avoid.

ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 20:39:53

This is on the new Darwin estate. It would come under either King Edwards or The Friary for high schools. I know people who live here (same street in fact) and they have children in both schools.

ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 20:47:28

250k is actually quite a low budget for Lichfield and even lower for Sutton. Your choices will be limited but this house is in Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield. Its within the catchment area of Arthur Terry school which is an outstanding school that sends it teachers across the Sutton/Lichfield area to train staff in other high schools.

mrskitty15 Mon 14-Aug-17 21:58:27

Thank you for the links, much appreciated smile

It is low but we can't physically stretch ourselves any further than that unfortunately.

We have seen quite a few houses in good parts of both areas but we haven't been in a position to be able to make an offer so have lost out 🙁

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Mon 14-Aug-17 22:21:36

I'm on my phone & can't seem to do links but will come back in the morning & link to what I would personally buy if I had £250k in Lichfield at the moment.

It's not loads of money here anymore (sadly), but it should be enough to get something decent smile.

ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 22:30:06

If you could consider outside of Lichfield itself but still within the lichfield school catchments you can get some fantastic properties for your budget.

Burntwood, Armitage, Fradley, Shenstone will all get you a good sized 3 bed for 250k. Theyre all within the catchment for the Lichfield schools. Burntwood and Shenstone all come under King Edwards and Armitage and Fradley all come under the Friary. The school bus service covers those areas direct into the high schools.

ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 22:31:37


ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 22:33:25


ReinettePompadour Mon 14-Aug-17 22:34:57


SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 15-Aug-17 09:03:57

Just a word of warning there Reinette - Burntwood is most definitely not in catchment for Lichfield schools. They have their own high schools. Of course you can always apply to the Lichfield schools and be lucky, but certainly not catchment.

Same with Armitage I'm afraid. I do know several children from Armitage at The Friary - but the catchment school is actually in Rugeley & I know twice as many who did not get their first choice (Friary) and are at school in Rugeley. Whether you get a place at The Friary from there in the future will just come down to luck also.

Shenstone & Fradley are very nice. Both have their own village primaries and, as above, Shenstone is King Edwards catchment whereas Fradley is The Friary.

See also Whittington, if you would consider a nice village - it can be a bit pricey though.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 15-Aug-17 14:22:17

This is new to the market. It's a little over budget, but is in an excellent location. I have a friend in this cul-de-sac. It's walking distance to both Christchurch (although not technically in their catchment area I don't think) and The Willows. Secondary school wise, it is less than a 5 minute walk from The Friary - and most certainly in catchment.

This one is in a nice little road (albeit off a main road), and is an easy walking distance to the City centre. Primary schools would be either Charnwood (closest) or The Willows. Secondary wise, it would be in Netherstowe catchment but is pretty close to the edge of The Friary catchment. DS has a school friend who lives in this road (and they have just finished at The Friary).

This one doesn't look great from the outside, but is well positioned for The Friary, Morrisons, the City centre & The Willows. Primary catchment would be Chadsmead but again, children from this road do also go to The Willows.

If I had £250k to spend in Lichfield at the moment, these are the three houses I would be looking at due to location, closeness to town & good schools etc.

King Edwards catchment area doesn't have much for your budget I'm afraid - this is a nice house, but is located on a busy road and has no private parking.

King Edwards covers mainly the south side of Lichfield, where there tend to be mainly larger detached houses or the period properties. There are a few roads that would be nice & probably available for around £250k - but none seem to be on the market just now.

mrskitty15 Tue 15-Aug-17 14:49:57

@SantasLittleMonkeyButler Thank you very much for all of the information and links, I will show these to my husband later and see what he thinks smile. I am sure we can find something, just need to be in the right place at the right time!

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 15-Aug-17 22:43:21

Yes, that's it - isn't it. Hoping the right house comes up at the right time smile.

If you need any more advice or information about specific roads, areas or schools in Lichfield then please feel free to ask (either on the thread or PM) and I'll do my best to help.

I've lived in Lichfield all of my life & have also spent several years working in the community here - there aren't too many roads I haven't been down at one time or another grin.

Lichfieldpeasentry Sun 30-Jun-19 02:44:04

The most revealing aspect I find about Lichfield is that the folk believe breeding is a pastime rather than a trait

Lichfieldpeasentry Sun 30-Jun-19 03:00:55

Karl Marx talked much about rural Lichfield it is an electable pre-requisite...I am sure you will find sufficient guidance and expertise within this forum to consolidate that view and to ensure your expectations for your children's schooling are met beyond redoubtable satisfaction. Karl Marx is not on any of the schools curricula...stoat poaching and weasel tweaking have now expanded beyond the confines of the local public school and can now even be found in the rehabilitation schooling of monkey dust dealers in the proximal twinned neighbourhood of Longton....

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