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Wimbledon Park primary school admission

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rpms Sat 12-Aug-17 21:30:58

hello everyone, I am looking into reception admissions at WPPS and I am very confused by what WPPS's website says "For the past two years, the furthest distance (in a straight line from the school gate) for places outside of the admission priority area has been slightly over 200m." If I read correctly, it means WPPS did take child outside the priority area who lives within 200m. However if I draw a 200m circle from the school gate, it is entirely within the priority area. Can anyone clarify this? I already sent this question to WPPS but no answer yet. Thanks

ReelingLush Wed 16-Aug-17 13:59:32

Have you thought about contacting Merton Council's Education Department Admissions Team ( - they may be able to help?

hen77 Wed 16-Aug-17 14:04:53

Have you seen this?

Quite tricky to interpret but I think it means that the first 60 places went to 200.66 m (just outside the APA) but as it's expanded to 90 places an additional 30 places went up to just over 400m. So maybe the explanation that it went just beyond 200m means it went beyond 200m in addition to the 200m APA. Does that make sense?!

rpms Wed 16-Aug-17 14:50:45

Thanks hen77 & ReelingLush, after my communications with Merton council, I think "outside of the admission priority area" should be read as "not considering APA". In 2017 admission, 44 of the 1st 60 places were siblings and the other 16 live within 200m. The next 30 for APA spread much further as all siblings were excluded into the 1st 60 places already.

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