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Parks for older kids

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Rosiepooh75 Sat 12-Aug-17 18:53:36


Have had no luck finding on my own, so asking you all.

My kids are 11yo and 3yo. There are plenty of parks suitable for the little one, but most parks we have found have nothing suitable for my tall 11yo.

Are there any suitable parks in the Cambridge area? We are in CB4, but anywhere around Cambridge will do!

Many many thanks in advance!

SoftSheen Sat 12-Aug-17 20:49:48

Lammas land and the Jesus Green park (by the river) both have big climbing frames as well as stuff for little ones. However, I think most playgrounds are primarily aimed at under 10s.

rosemarie04 Sat 12-Aug-17 21:25:30

The park next to St Andrews church in Chesterton was recently refurbished. They havee a section for small children and another one for older ones which is fun. i have to admit that I really enjoyed myself :-)

Rosiepooh75 Sat 12-Aug-17 21:37:45

Thank you both!
I'll look into Jesus Green and Lammas land!
@Rosemarie do you happen to know what it's called?

rosemarie04 Sat 12-Aug-17 21:56:43

Just checked. It is Chesterton recreation groun. The playground is on the side of church street.

Rosiepooh75 Sat 12-Aug-17 22:05:01

@Rosemarie04 Thank you!

WhichJob Sat 12-Aug-17 22:55:18

Lammas Land is the best park in Cambridge and suits all ages. But there is open water there - the fab paddling pool, so you would have to be eagle eyed with your 3yo.

glorious Thu 17-Aug-17 21:59:40

We're visiting all the parks in Cambridge and only have 7 to go so I ought to be able to answer this!

I would say your best bet is Nun's Way in Kings Hedges. There's a big adventure playground type thing and massive fort and tunnel slide for the older one and a small sandy area with lower frames etc for the younger one.

Incidentally there's lots of information on the the council site and a handy map

Histon Road would work well too. Some higher climbing frames and also a slightly distinct more teen section in the wooded bit, plus all the usual small child stuff.

Also Arbury Court wouldn't be bad (though the two areas are a bit separate)

The Chesterton one by the church does have a fun tyre ride thing which I enjoyed a lot, though it is very hard work if you are the only one who can reach the ground!

If the older one scoots or skates I'd recommend Kingfisher Way or Cherry Hinton recreation ground, both of which have tracks/small ramps.

Thorpe Way in Fen Ditton has loads of different sections too, some of which are good for older children, again including a massive fort and tunnel slide similar to Nun's Way.

Have fun!

PiratePanda Sun 27-Aug-17 15:54:32

The new Coleridge playground is fabulous for slightly older children; our DS is 7 and some of the equipment is still a bit big for him; they also have basketball hoops, etc. Splash pad as well, makes for a brilliant play. It's on Davy Road/Coleridge Road.

Lammas Land of course is wonderful. Your older child might also like the zip wire at the eastern end of Riverside, which also has play equipment for smaller children.

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