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Where do people move to from Walthamstow?

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Busymummy50 Thu 10-Aug-17 00:58:49

We are thinking of moving out of Walthamstow to somewhere less busy. We like the idea of a village with good schools and close to a town. Ideally somewhere friendly with a welcoming feel. My kids are half Chinese so somewhere they can feel accepted easily is a must.

We will have to commute into london by car quite often so an area up to 1 hour drive would be great.

Any ideas? It's so big out there that we don't even know where to start! Be great to hear from people who have moved from walthamstow.

soundsystem Thu 10-Aug-17 05:10:52

The people we bought our house from moved to Waltham Abbey. We're moving to Upper Leytonstone but that doesn't quite fit your criteria!

nigelsbigface Thu 10-Aug-17 06:39:34

Drive up the A10, stop at a few places and see if anywhere takes your fancy...Broxbourne, Ware, Hertford and surrounding villages seem to have a lot of people who have moved out from North/East London (as we did)

nigelsbigface Thu 10-Aug-17 06:40:48

Or look around bishops stortford-lots of nice villages-nice town-great transport links

nodogsinthebedroom Thu 10-Aug-17 12:27:48

We're in Leytonstone and the people who lived in our house before moved to Leigh on Sea

thirtyplusone Fri 11-Aug-17 07:22:47

We're off soon. House sold!. Looking at Loughton area as well as Kent coast

Jayjayharrychops Tue 22-Aug-17 17:10:25

Epping, north Weald , Coopersale, Epping green, all lovely villages within walking distance into the town . Have village schools & good transport links into London (end of central line)

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