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Aupair meet up

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Cmekrru Wed 09-Aug-17 15:57:39

We have an aupair joining us at the beginning of September and I'm keen that she is able to meet other young people and make friends. She is a mature bubbly 18 yr old keen on arts and drama - does anyone know of any local au pair meet up groups or have an aupair who would like to meet her. We live in Addiscombe, Croydon

Cmekrru Wed 09-Aug-17 15:58:37

She is Spanish but speaks good English smile

Cmekrru Wed 09-Aug-17 15:59:12

Or any suggestions on how to help her settle in and feel welcome

SweetGrapes Thu 10-Aug-17 09:48:21

We are pretty close to you. Our aupair is 22 and bubbly too! But she came from across London and has friends there.
But I can ask her.

Cmekrru Thu 10-Aug-17 10:46:37

@sweetGrapes that's great - she arrives on the 8th September - I'll keep an eye on this board, if your aupair is keen drop me a private message and we can exchange contact details. Do you know Adagio cafe?

SweetGrapes Thu 10-Aug-17 23:05:38

Yes, I know the place. Will pm you.

blackteasplease Thu 28-Sep-17 10:08:30

Hello. Just seen this. We are in Addiscombe too and have a new au pair, aged 22.

I think she has met some other au pairs already but if your au pairs are still interested in meeting up please let me know!

SweetGrapes Thu 28-Sep-17 10:19:47

Sorry I forgot to pm you earlier Cmekrru

Have pm'ed you both just now.

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