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Moving to Shrewsbury...looking for advice and new friends...

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mandyjayne1980 Wed 09-Aug-17 12:51:16

Hi there, this is the first time i have posted on here and i am sure this questions has been asked many times before!
My husband has recently been offered a job in Shrewsbury and we are due to move there in about 2 months time. We have been living with my family in Stoke for the last 6 months after spending 8 years living in Australia.
I have a 3 year old and a 10 week old. My 3 year old will be due to start school next year in September. I don't know Shrewsbury at all and would love some mothers insight into the schools around there and good locations to live! I had a search on Google and liked the sound of St Giles school due to the Forest School element.
I would not mind living within walking distance of the city in a town house but we would also be happy with a nice countryside area/village near to the city.
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on schools, locations and things going on in the area. I will definitely be looking for ways to make some other mum friends when we get sorted so if you know of any good parents meet ups, playgroups etc or would be willing to catch up with a newbie that would be great :0)
We are pretty much starting from scratch after being in Australia for so long and i won't last too long on my own with a new baby and very strong willed, tantruming 3 year old, i will need to make some friends pretty quickly :0)
Thanks lots in advance. I hope you are enjoying the "summer"weather??!

lizardorchid Wed 09-Aug-17 17:56:49

Shrewsbury is great. Lots of houses within easy walking distance of the town. Traditionally best area for schools is Porthill so house prices there are obviously a lot more. Cherry Orchard is lovely too - St Giles is there and is a lovely primary. Good luck with the move. If you'd like to get in touch when you arrive I'd happily meet up for a coffee.

mandyjayne1980 Wed 09-Aug-17 19:45:54

Thank you! That is really appreciated... And yes I will be in touch...

Ludlowlass Wed 11-Oct-17 22:34:05

Great areas are Porthill which has good infant school, Oakley Street type area (catchment for Coleham Primary), Cherry Orchard area...
you need to apply for primary places by January though I think, so you'll need to be settled to guarantee your child's place.
Most schools do some kind of forest school type thing (they do where I live anyway - South of Shrewsbury) - so wouldn't worry too much about that.
Good luck!

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