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Hitchin or St Albans

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PurpleManners Wed 09-Aug-17 09:38:57

I'm looking to move to either Hitchin or Berkhamstead, but I can't decide between the two.
I'm 29, currently pregnant and living in the north but want to move back down south and be closer to my family so they can help me out with the baby as it seems I will be a single mum.
I would be renting and be looking for 2 bed.

I'm just looking for a nice, safe area, with friendly people, and a good vibe.

Any thoughts would between the two would be great.

Thanks in advance. x

awizardsstaff Wed 09-Aug-17 12:38:50

Hello! I moved to Hitchin seven years ago with our then 2yo DS and we love it there. It's very friendly and family focused with loads of playgroups, classes etc and lots of nice child friendly cafes etc. I've always felt very safe there even at night.

We rent and there was hardly anything to choose from back in 2010 - not sure what it's like now but I hope there's a few things around for you. Good luck!

juneau Wed 09-Aug-17 18:03:51

Hitchin is about twice the size (pop. 33,000) of Berkhamsted (pop. 16,000), so I'm guessing that there is more going on in Hitchin - and potentially more in the way of friends for you and your baby. I'd ring up a few estate agents and get an idea of supply and cost of rental properties and see what you come up with. They're both lovely, attractive towns.

HopefulHamster Thu 10-Aug-17 00:04:34

Letchworth? ;)

Prob halfway between the two in pop size, cheaper than hitchin, less night life but lots of family stuff going on.

Hitchin is v nice tho. Don't know Berkhamsted

Rainbow44 Thu 10-Aug-17 13:17:51

Yes I second Letchworth.

Lots of families, green spaces, nice town, friendly.

Hitchin is lovely.. Beautiful market town and much better night life, but it's only a stones throw from Letchworth.

Residentially Letchworth is lovely..tree lined roads and you do get more house for your money..renting or buying.

Letchworth has its fair share of good and not so good schools..just like Hitchin, or any town really. There are no terrible schools in either town.

We live in Letchworth and have lived in Hitchin. We like both..but we have Standalone farm ( which is lovely for kids ), Norton common, plenty of parks, a beautiful big splash park, cinema..can't recommend Letchworth enough : )

PurpleManners Thu 10-Aug-17 14:27:31

Hi, thanks for responses. I'll ruled out Berkhamstead, as lovely as it seem many a little of the small size.
I have previously been to Hitchin and really liked the look and feel of the town, so I'm leading more in that direction.
After looking into other areas of Hertfordshire, I came across St Albans, which I haven't been to in years, but from what I remember it seemed nice.
Could anyone living in the area or near by give me some up to date info.

chocaholic73 Thu 10-Aug-17 15:16:28

I'm in St Albans. It is very expensive so that may affect your decision (you will get much more for your money in Hitchin). Getting into schools can be tricky and you would need to make sure you lived close to where you want your DC to go to school. It is vibrant, has a lot going on for families but very busy and traffic can be a nightmare at times.

PurpleManners Wed 16-Aug-17 00:16:52

I'm tore between Hitchin and St Albans. They both seem like good places to live.
I more familiar with Hitchin, and have always liked the town. St Albans is nearer to my family, but it is more expensive, but has more going on.
Will be spending time in both areas, to get a better feel and see what's the best fit.

Thanks for all your replies.

Squeegle Wed 16-Aug-17 20:27:15

I live in St Albans and I like it a lot. However if I was buying now I would go to hitchin. St Albans is just too expensive!

Ineededtonamechange Wed 16-Aug-17 23:17:52

Squeegle - I clicked on here to write exactly the same. I love St Albans, but we have family in hitchin and I have realised it is beautiful with many of the same good points as St Albans but cheaper.

St Albans is ridiculous price wise... I probably wouldn't do it again, but we are here now with friends here etc.

sixinthebedandthelittleonesaid Thu 17-Aug-17 20:56:52

What sort of "stuff going on" do you want/enjoy ? Hitchin has quite a lot going on.

misdee Thu 17-Aug-17 21:01:55

Just chucking Welwyn garden city into the mix ;)

PurpleManners Thu 17-Aug-17 21:39:58

I don't know much about Welwyn garden city, but just a quick look rent wise it is much more affordable then St Albans (bar a few places, I think most places in Herts are much cheaper) and equal distance to my parents - ( looking for a town within 30/45mins drive into north London)
WGC? Not sure what it would be like to live there, and if it has much going on.
Basically I'm looking for a town in Hertfordshire ( I'm swaying towards Hitchin atm, but still open to different areas.) that would be a nice town to rise my little one in, as would like to stay in the same area for a good few years, and hopefully but a place so need to take that into consideration.
So areas that have good quality - baby/toddler groups, nursery/primary schools. Nice open areas for walks/good park, lesuire centre.
Also a nice town centre.... socially - places to eat out/decent bars/pub.
Nothing too flash, just a town with a good vibe with a bit of a buzz...

misdee Fri 18-Aug-17 08:26:31

It's a lovely town. Possibly a bit quiet on the evening entertainment front. Lots of baby and toddler groups, lots of children's centres, surrounded by countryside, the woods offer a good walk, lots of parks. Close to Hatfield which has more nightlife, 20mins into London, gosling sports centre, stanborough lakes, decent schools

Topcleaner476 Wed 18-Oct-17 23:14:12

Hello and apologies for the self-promotion, but I am a cleaner in Hitchin and currently looking for new clients local to me.
I am very trustworthy and work to an exceptional standard; plenty of references from both past and current clients. Also available for ironing collection/drop-off.
Please feel free to message me, thank you.

SamanthaUnkim Sun 22-Oct-17 08:55:33

"Close to Hatfield which has more nightlife"

Do NOT go anywhere near Hatfield at night... or during the day

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