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Hitchin or Berkhamstead?

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PurpleManners Wed 09-Aug-17 09:19:50

I'm looking to move to either Hitchin or Berkhamstead, but I can't decide between the two.
I'm 29, currently pregnant and living in the north but want to move back down south and be closer to my family so they can help me out with the baby as it seems I will be a single mum.
I would be renting and be looking for 2 bed.

I'm just looking for a nice, safe area, with friendly people, and a good vibe.

Any thoughts would between the two would be great.

Thanks in advance. x

Shantasia Wed 09-Aug-17 18:26:12

If you're after cider, proximity to the SAS and the chance to enrol your baby in a variety of Young Farmers' Clubs, then Herefordshire is definitely for you.

If you want advice about whether to move to Hitchin or Berkhamstead, you might be better off asking the Hertfordshire Local board?


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