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Removal Company for house move

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Nasktask4 Tue 08-Aug-17 20:36:21

Hi, My family and I are moving from the west end of Glasgow to Milngavie. I am looking for any recommendations for removal companies and an idea of what the costs would be. I am dreading the prospect and hoping to make it as painless as possible. Any advice would be much appreciated.

LeapinLizards Tue 08-Aug-17 23:44:32

Clockwork Removals are excellent. Depends on how much stuff you have as to cost. They come out to look at what you want moved & give a quote. I had 2 complicated moves where unexpected events occurred & they were great. The people who actually do the moving are brilliant too - really nice & helpful & go the extra mile.

wilton Wed 09-Aug-17 15:53:56

I have used moves 4u removals a number of times and they have been great. Recommended to many family and friends
They are on Facebook. Good luck with the move. .

trixymalixy Thu 10-Aug-17 10:58:49

Don't use Glasgow Removals ltd. The owner had under estimated the job and the guys doing the move were really annoyed and took it out on us.

Wish I'd stuck with S&B removals who moved us the time before that and were excellent, but went with the cheapest price...

MuchasSmoochas Thu 10-Aug-17 22:37:31

We used the one with the black cat on the lorry? They were fab, packed everything, marked boxes, gave us time at the other end to rearrange furniture. Now this was about 8 years ago, it was around £600?

Nasktask4 Thu 17-Aug-17 17:01:26

Many thanks to all for your feedback, much appreciated. I've had another recommendation for Clockwork who are coming to give me a quote smile

LeapinLizards Thu 17-Aug-17 17:15:15

That's great!

prettybird Tue 29-Aug-17 12:24:47

Clockwork are not cheap but are very good. One well off friend used them. Another friend got a quote - and then got us his friends to help him instead wink up 5 flights of stairs at his old flat and an upper conversion at his new place hmm We did use a lot of good solid Clockwork boxes from his other friend's move grin

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