Moving to West Berkshire or South Buckinghamshire

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jempuddleduck Tue 08-Aug-17 19:41:21

I wonder if anyone could advise please. (I will post this on the Bucks forum too).
We are likely to be moving to the Slough area within the next year because of husband's new job. We definitely don't want to be in Slough itself but somewhere outside within roughly 30 minutes commute by car. The main challenge is that we have four children, two senior school age, two primary and finding decent (state) schools for all looks tough! All the good schools, at least at senior level, look to be oversubscribed. I know about the grammar system in Bucks (have researched schools a fair bit on the internet already) but there is no guarantee that they will have places nor that the children will get in.
As far as I can see, Ascot and nearby villages look v nice but commute a little on the long side and, if children do get into a Slough grammar, would need a lift there (I work too so would be tricky but probably not impossible). Other option is S Bucks, somewhere like Burnham, Farnhams, maybe Marlow but a little on the long side distance wise and oldest won't get into the Bucks grammars as she is already in Yr10 next September and they start GCSE courses in Yr9.

Can anyone offer advice on schools at primary and senior level and which are good areas to live in for a family with several children of different ages? We like a mixture of activities (tennis, walking (have a little dog), eldest likes shopping, the arts but would probably go into London for those). I would say that I really like aesthetically pleasing surroundings and older houses too!
Anyway, if anyone knows the area and can give me some information about different places or general tips that would be fantastic!

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poisonedbypen Tue 08-Aug-17 20:27:19

I'm reasonably local to some of these places & will have a think. It's always going to be tough finding schools for 4 children. All (or at least most) now do their GCSEs in 3 years, and even if they didn't, moving during year 10 or 11 would be very tough becuse of different exam boards etc. I wouldn't think you could go far wrong with Burnham or Taplow area which might give you access to the Maidenhead comprehensive schools, possibly Burnham Grammar School if they had spaces and soe good primary schools (which may of course be oversubscribed). If you have researched Buckinghamshire schools you will know that many of the Upper Schools are not very well thought of so you have a problem if your children aren't eligible for a grammar school. Some of the Upper Schools are fine, but some really are awful.

jempuddleduck Tue 08-Aug-17 20:58:23

Thank you poisonedpen. I really appreciate your response. It looks as if a lot of the Bucks secondaries, other than the grammars, are not very good so you are a bit stuck if there are no grammar places or the children don't get in (they are at grammars so fair chance of getting in but by no means certain).
Marlow looks to have a good state secondary as does Ascot but they are a little further away and older DD could only get into the Slough grammars if there is no space at local school which would mean significant commute for her. Tricky!

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SpeckledyHen Wed 09-Aug-17 08:50:17

Have you looked at Windsor school etc ?

jempuddleduck Thu 10-Aug-17 18:20:08

The schools in Windsor see to have a middle school system which I'm not sure about and the schools in general don't look that great.

If anyone has more information or recommendations that would be great.

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Loopy9 Fri 11-Aug-17 07:04:55

What about Wokingham. 20 miles from Slough. Mixture of schools although no grammars. Some old & new housing. Some green area still not built on by the council...and outstanding tennis facilities.. a tennis centre plus 10 courts floodlit too. Close to Bracknell and Reading for more school and better shopping. Train to London direct 1hr 10mins to Waterloo or quicke to paddington via Reading approx 40 mins. Good luck.

jempuddleduck Mon 14-Aug-17 12:14:05

Thanks you loopy9. I think Wokingham is a bit much of a commute drive for husband's job (some emergency cover so needs to be certain distance from Slough). It looks like a good town though and probably more affordable housing.

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