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Primary School in Audenshaw area - advice needed please

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TamesideMum Sat 05-Aug-17 20:51:53

Hello, we moved to Audenshaw last year. Our daughter is due to start primary school in September 2019, but will go to school nursery as from September 2018.

We thought from the start she would go to Aldwyns Primary School as it has excellent results, good afterschool activities, they teach French and Spanish (extra), and I like the outside space around the school.

Recently I started wondering if Fairfield Road Primary School (Droylsden) would be a better choice. It also has very good results, but not as good afterschool activities (an no breakfast club option if needed). To me the school site feels a little claustrophobic with not much green space compared to Aldwyn Primary.

I do not know anyone who can give me their feedback on these schools and can't really find any useful reviews online. My daughter is adopted and of black ethnicity, so on top of the above important points, it is very important to us that she goes to a school with no racism/bullying and good pastoral care if needed.

Also, I guess the girls from Fairfield Road primary would usually move to Fairfield High School for Girls after? But what about the girls from Aldwyn Primary? Do they also tend to go to Fairfield High School for Girls, or another secondary school/college?

We live halfway between the two schools so distance is not an issue. Thank you for the advice,

peachy94 Thu 28-Sep-17 15:00:24

My sons just started reception at aldwyn and were really impressed so far smile x

Rameen Wed 11-Oct-17 09:49:22

I would like to know did you able to find the best primary school advise? if yes please share with me too

My daughter will join reception next year, we are living in Audenshaw I m very confuse in terms of choosing right primary school for her


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