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Moving House Conundrum

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NorthLondonAmerican Sat 05-Aug-17 09:12:43

Hello All!

I'll try to make a long story short. Here is the rundown:
- DH, myself and DS (4) are Americans, students here and living in Crouch End for about a year
-Applied for DS reception late in March being unfamiliar with the school system here.
-Accepted offer from St. Mary's CE in Hornsey in April
-Got call from Coleridge about a month ago with offer after being on the waitlist. Accepted the offer.
-Were notified of a flat by our estate agent yesterday that was perfect (2 beds and a private garden on a quiet street for 1200 pcm). Put a deposit down for move-in September 1st.
-New flat is 2 miles from Coleridge :-(

All that being said, I'm conflicted about the distance. I know Coleridge is rated "Outstanding" but is it worth the drive/bus run every day? Is it too late to switch to a closer school since we don't move in til September 1st?

Advice sincerely appreciated.

elkiedee Tue 08-Aug-17 04:13:51

Most schools in Haringey are now rated good or outstanding. Do you know which schools are near your new flat?

I think it's not too late to seek to move to a closer school, and that 2 miles seems a long way to have to travel to a primary school once a day for DS and possibly twice a day for an adult, but you might not be able to get the most popular schools closer, as some are oversubscribed. Is DS due to start right at the beginning of term in September or does Coleridge have staggered start dates for Reception? Which bit of Haringey will you be moving to?

christinarossetti Tue 08-Aug-17 21:59:06

Two miles a day is a drag, even more so during school drop off and pick up times.

It's not too late to move to another school, and there may well be places or a short waiting list in another part of the borough.

Call the schools nearest to your new place early in Sept and ask to look round.

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