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Struggling new mum Leckwith, would like to meet other mums out there

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Nj34 Sat 05-Aug-17 08:51:42

Hi All,
I'm a new mum with an 8 week old baby and just got diagnosed with pnd.
Doctor has prescribed me with medication which i'm really hesitant to take.
I was wondering if there are any other new mums or exprienced mums local to me that could meet up and would like to create a support group, where we can talk and help each other.
I think talking to new people might help clear my mind and not make me feel so alone & perhaps make some friends along the way.
Message me if your interested.
Thanks, Nj34.

CottonSock Sun 06-Aug-17 08:43:08

Hi. Can't read and run.
I would struggle to meet at the moment as just gone back to work and struggling with two kids and school holidays.
Don't be hesitant on the medication though. If that's what you want.
It helped me so much after both my pregnancies.
Its a bit difficult in the holidays as a lot of groups are cancelled. Do you have a car?
Hike it baby is very active and things every day.
Nct has meet ups.
Baby beans at all nations church is a lovely group. Not sure if they break for hols. Lots of mums with small babies and free cake.

It does get easier.

Nj34 Sun 06-Aug-17 21:37:11

Awee thank you for all of your advice and help, so kind of you. I'll check out those places you have mentioned.

Megand22 Mon 07-Aug-17 12:33:02

Hi, how old are you?

Chatoyant Tue 08-Aug-17 10:48:27

Im back at work full time now but I can recommend that baby groups at the Salvation Army on Corporation Rd, they run Monday-Thursday although not sure about during the holidays. I made great friends there and the staff are lovely too.

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