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Monkston Primary

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TanyaKaur Fri 04-Aug-17 22:13:15

My son is starting Monkston primary in September.
We move to UK from US in July and didn't have lot of choices for the school. Can anybody pls give me feedback about the school. I saw offset but would like to hear from parents. As well I saw School calendar and I can see that after every term there is 1 week holiday for the kids. How you are please managing those weeks when both parents are in office? are there some camps available during that time or only nanny is the option? As well ( and I m sorry, may questions may look strange for you but US school system is very much different) how will we know when we can come to school, where to buy uniform, what we need to bring first day? I tried to call school but I believe they have holiday as well sad Thanks for any info

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