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Homeless in glasgow

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Westendmum8 Fri 04-Aug-17 16:23:54

Hi there, I'm looking for anyone who has been in a similar situation. I was made homeless in February this year with my children. I was in a private let and the owner sold the house. It's to basically see how long others were bidding on homefinder group 2 before you were made an offer? Thanks in advance

Kr1stina Tue 08-Aug-17 10:25:27

I'm sorry to hear about your problems and I'm sorry I don't know how long people wait on homedinder. I guess it depends what areas you want . Are you trying to get near your kids school ?

Are you in a temp furnished flat right now and how are you finding it ?

Westendmum8 Tue 08-Aug-17 11:03:40

Thank you @kr1stina, yes I'm looking at knightswood,Yoker,scoustoun and whiteinch. The kids school is in knightswood but I don't mind moving to the surrounding areas.
I'm staying between family as I was given a temporary flat in a very bad area and people looking for drugs were constantly banging on my door and buzzing trying to get hold of the next door neighbour. People would inject drugs outside my front door then pass out. My children were terrified and I asked to be moved but no other flats have became available. It's tough with it being so crowded and the kids not having there own space but I'm thankful I have somewhere safe to stay at the moment.

weegiemum Tue 08-Aug-17 17:28:18

If you need help with furnishings PM me, I work in a project that provides basics to people in new tenancies. `Easy to get the basics including white goods and even flooring, curtains as long as you're not too fussy.

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