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Relocating to Cheltenham good areas?

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Cb2308 Wed 02-Aug-17 15:33:55

Hi, I'm a single mummy to 2 boys age 8 and 4 we are currently in stoke but I want to relocate to Cheltenham, can any one recommend any good areas for schools that aren't too far from the local hospitals as I'm looking for work as a staff nurse . Tia 💖

brieandbacon Wed 02-Aug-17 15:46:44

Charlton Kings or Leckhampton if you can afford it. The best secondary school is Balcarras in Charlton Kings or Bournside if you are in Leckhampton. Primary schools are Charlton Kings or Leckhamption. Anything with a GL53 postcode really. Although because they are the best they are the most expensive areas to live. Hospital is Central Cheltenham and you can get to it easily where ever you live more or less. Good luck.

Cb2308 Wed 02-Aug-17 16:13:47

Thank you I will look at them areas I was looking at up hatherley, do you know if there are many before and after school clubs in these areas

BloodiedButUnbowed Wed 02-Aug-17 22:02:30

We lived in Up Hatherley for a few years - it was nice and the primary had a before and after school club attached.
You could consider Churchdown too - lovely place, and sat between Cheltenham and Gloucester so you potentially could access both hospitals. Schools are good, both primary and secondary, and we had a good, flexible before and after school club at the primary for ours.

Agoddessonamountaintop Wed 02-Aug-17 23:05:44

Just oit of interest, what's made you choose Cheltenham? Do you know the place? Friends or family there?

Cb2308 Thu 03-Aug-17 00:44:17

There is nothing in stoke for my boys it is a real run down area , rubbish schools not many green spaces or activitys to do. I don't have any family in Cheltenham but I have been looking online and there have been so many good things I've read about the area, I drive so I can come back to visit family etc and vice verser it won't be a problem I just need to find a job that will work well for the children as I know hospital shifts can be a bit of a pain.

Cb2308 Thu 03-Aug-17 00:45:20

Il have a look at that area too , thank you x

brieandbacon Thu 03-Aug-17 08:18:02

Yes a great area and a great choice. I was born and bred here. Left for a while but came back as there is nowhere like it. Great for kids - low crime etc. My teenage kids have never been in trouble and I've never worried about them going into town etc. Lovely green spaces. Yes Churchdown is nice too and Shurdington which is just a 5 minute drive out of Cheltenham just past Up Hatherley - housing more affordable.

EvilTwins Thu 03-Aug-17 09:17:36

I live in Hatherley. Warden Hill & Greatfield Park primary schools are very good and have breakfast/after school clubs. Secondaries are Bournside & Chosen Hill (in Churchdown) both good too. Bit further out so more affordable than Leckhampton.

Bubbletastic Wed 20-Sep-17 21:27:41

Hi Cb, have you thought about community nursing? They're desperate in this area and it's more family friendly?

Sashley Sun 24-Sep-17 09:53:41

Hi I would recommend bishops cleeve. Some great primary schools and a well rated high school. Situated about 3 miles north of Cheltenham it is a large village and a great place to raise kids. It has a great friendly feel with four pubs, supermarket, lots of little shops/cafes. Also a good bus link to Cheltenham itself. There are also lots of things going on like the village street fair in the summer and family fun days at the pubs as well as activities at the local library etc. We have just had a baby and I wouldn't want to raise her anywhere else in Cheltenham now.

Teaandtoast64 Thu 26-Oct-17 20:39:02

Hello - my grandchild and family will be moving to Benhall in December. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for nursery's / pre-schools and ultimately primary schools nearby? They will need to apply for a school place as soon as they move in.
Also any good places for my daughter-in-law to make friends with other mum's?
Many thanks

Teaandtoast64 Thu 26-Oct-17 20:40:15

sorry I seem to have posted onto someone else's thread - I thought I had started a new one - apologies

Sashley Thu 26-Oct-17 20:59:54

Tell her to get the mush app. It’s great for meeting other mums in the local area.

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