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Looking to make mummy friends

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Wingingmotherhood1 Wed 02-Aug-17 07:51:05

I have a little boy 10 weeks, looking to make some mummy friends in the Northampton area to meet up, chat, drink coffee, eat cake, moan, laugh,cry, share my journey with. Oh and someone who might like to attend a mums and tots group with me.
I'm just starting to have more days out of my pjs! I can just about hold normal conversations in my lack of sleep state :-)
Would love to hear from any other mummies looking to make new friends.

Lucyqucy Fri 22-Sep-17 20:12:27

Ha ha, know exactly where you are coming from with the lack of sleep. Hope it might be improving...although know what mine are like... I have two toddlers, 3 and 1.6, and know how isolating motherhood can be. If you want a natter, I'm here. I also run a few toddler groups, one at Abingdon
Library on Tuesdays at 1:45 and a couple at my house (£3 per session) Thursdays and Fridays, all are good if you want to meet other mums. I know it's difficult getting through the door so if you want to meet first let me know.

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