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Anyone near the canal in York?

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PigletJohn Tue 01-Aug-17 19:38:58

I have just come back from seeing friends cruising the canals, are now on their way to York. I have some replacement LED lighting for their boat (a package about the size of a book);don't know how to get it to them. I wonder if anyone could receive it by post for collection by them?

SunshineOutdoors Wed 02-Aug-17 09:00:24

Would love to help but I'm away on holiday in a couple of days. Could you use a pass my parcel type service like amazon do where it gets taken to a local shop for them to pick up?

SunshineOutdoors Wed 02-Aug-17 21:09:43

You should put your username in the thread title like people often do to you grin

PigletJohn Wed 02-Aug-17 23:48:25

I texted them today and they'll be in Nottingham next.

PigletJohn Wed 02-Aug-17 23:53:13

good idea, tried that in the 30-day section

buckeejit Wed 02-Aug-17 23:53:58

Send to ups pickup point or someone may be able to recommend a friendly shop you could post to.

Yy to adding your name in the thread title!

KarmaNoMore Mon 09-Oct-17 19:59:56

If they are going to York via the Ouse, you
May try to have the parcel delivered to Bishopthorpe's post office and ask your friends to moor in the Bishopthorpe Marina (next to the Archbishop Palace. I don't think the owner will mind if they get some lunch or ice cream from the site while someone runs to the post office to collect the parcel

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