Moving to Falmouth or st Ives and work advice please

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emmamariebeauty Tue 01-Aug-17 18:53:24

Me and my partner have been talking about moving to Cornwall for years after visiting 2/3 times a year for the past 9 years. We are discussing it at the moment, but I'm just not sure how it would work out with working and having no one we know there to help with childcare.
We currently live in Essex. My partner works in London and his company have a partner company in Cornwall, so he could possibly transfer his job. I work self employed doing HD brows, microblading and a lash tech. I'm very busy with work working between 40-50 hours per week and have a lot of clients. We have 2 children aged 3 and 10.
I'm not as sure on the idea as my partner as I worry about starting over again with work. I would want to do the same type of work. How popular are these beauty treatments that I offer in Cornwall? Would I be best working in Truro doing it? We are keen on st Ives and Falmouth, which of these would be a better place to bring kids up? I know both can get very busy during summer especially st Ives. We wouldn't know anyone, so would have no help with childcare whilst we work although my eldest would be at school and youngest at nusery. What are the schools like in st Ives and famouth? And also the weather. I have seen a lot of posts about how much it rains in Cornwall. Does it rain nearly every day all year round? Or is it mainly during the winter?
Thank you for taking the time to reply

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Rockspin Tue 01-Aug-17 20:07:32

I've lived in Cornwall all my life.
St Ives is expensive to buy and an absolute nightmare in the summer but ok in the winter. Hayle and surrounding areas are much better priced and has some lovely schools and beaches. Im more West Cornwall but have lived in Truro and worked in Falmouth. Again Falmouth is ok but very touristy, high percentage of retirees and there are some great places outside of Falmouth that are so much cheaper.
There are of course salons here and I've friends who are nail techs and lash techs but none really work more than 3 or 4 days a week and none are rushed off their feet. I have my nails done but don't bother with brows or lashes, I don't know many that do apart from special occasions.
And yes, it rains a lot, not going to lie. And it's windy a lot of the time. All year round. But it's mild and we never get snow.
As long as you are relatively close to A30 you can get anywhere to do anything, and schools are good generally. We like it here, both DH and I have established businesses and generally people are nice enough but pace of life really is much slower here than most places and traffic in the summer is an absolute curse, not to mention dangerous.
If you haven't visited out of high season then I'd make that your first priority as it's all pretty different when the emmets have gone home and things shut up shop!

emmamariebeauty Tue 01-Aug-17 20:48:12

Thank you for your reply. Yes I would want to visit out of season before making any decisions. I will have to have a look at public transport for areas just outside the main tourist resorts as don't want the kids to get bored when teenagers if they can't get anywhere. I wouldn't mind cutting down to 3/4 days, I work too much at the moment and plus I would want to enjoy Cornwall and not be working all the time. Thank you very much for your help 😊

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Rockspin Tue 01-Aug-17 21:13:29

There's a pretty good bus network throughout Cornwall. But yes definitely visit out of season, it really is quite different living here that holidaying. Bear in mind if you have teenagers we don't have big cinemas or even a Nando's and it's only this year we got a Primark, Cornwall is a bit behind everyone else so they may feel like they are in the dark ages! wink

Countdowntofour Thu 10-Aug-17 14:52:54

Agree with rockspin, I live in falmouth. Schools are very good, people are friendly, always have the beaches to entertain them. Downsides are school holidays (gets pretty busy!), and it takes forever to get out of Cornwall. You can fly from newquay but only to limited places. Work for us is hard to come by (dps a writer/journalist), plenty of people have beauty treatments so if you're good you'll be fine lol - word of mouth travels fast. It's a safe place to live and great for kids, they all learn to love without malls etc and instead focus on what they do have. Hth!

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