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Possible move to Cornwall

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joge81 Mon 31-Jul-17 17:08:55

Hi All,

We are considering a move to Cornwall and looking for advice on areas that may suit us. We have 3 children who, at the moment, take part in lots of different clubs and activities that I know they would want to continue. One is into rock-climbing and is doing NICAS qualifications and I would really like him to be able to continue this. Other than that we have the usual dancing/ swimming etc. We have family in the Falmouth area but I was wondering whether we would be better to look around Truro? We would like a family friendly area with good schools and would consider towns or villages. We have spent a lot of time in Cornwall so know a lot of the areas but have never looked into schools or activities before. Thanks!

Rockspin Mon 31-Jul-17 21:18:26

Truro itself is expensive and extremely congested at times, horrendous rush hours. We lived there for 2 years but eventually moved further out. It was a shame as it's a lovely place but I don't miss it. I don't mind Falmouth as used to work there but I prefer not to live in a holiday hotspot.
But we've found so much more for your money further out, Camborne/Redruth/Helston and all surrounding villages - there's some beautiful places and good schools all over really.
Cornwall isn't a big place as you know so you're never far from A30 links so not too far to get anywhere really!

Cacti Tue 01-Aug-17 08:56:36

Agree with Truro rush hour, I commute 20 miles into Truro for work and I really hate it! But there are some lovely surrounding areas between Truro & Redruth and Truro & Falmouth although I don't have knowledge of schools.

Falmouth is a lovely area, if I were to move it would be my first choice. Mawnan Smith is a lovely village which has a primary school though if you have children in secondary, the nearest are in Falmouth or Helston.

Cathpot Tue 01-Aug-17 09:11:31

Where are you likely to be working? If it is Truro I might be inclined to live there rather than have to drive in- I commuted in from Falmouth area for a year and it wasn't fun. Re swimming - we've moved back to cornwal after a stint away where the kids got into swim training but I haven't pursued it as we are in the Falmouth area and I think my only option would be to drive them over to Helston several times a week. They have taken up other things and we are looking at surf life saving clubs nearby. If you are completely flexible with area I would start by looking at the secondaries and see where you would like them to go and base yourself somewhere they can walk to school?

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