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Good GP Surgeries Vets, gyms etc. in and around Stroud

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tiggy001 Sun 30-Jul-17 07:10:48

Hi everyone,
We are really excited to be relocating from London to Bisley soon and I am trying to sort out things like doctor/ dentist and was wondering if anyone can recommend places for the following:
Family GP
Child friendly NHS dentist
Gymnastics club for my 5 and 7 year old
Tennis club for the children
Dog walkers
Reliable dog loving baby sitter
Swimming lessons for the children
Horse riding lessons.
I would appreciate any advice on any of the above.

Tsotofamily Tue 28-Nov-17 21:19:53

Hi not sure if youve moved yet or not
Will recommend what i can

Gp - theres frithwood surgery in bussage but depends on which doctor you get but then i think thats like most surgeries from what ive heard
Dentist - i would look in tetbury about 20-30 mins drive away
Gymnastics - again best is in tetbury but i know theres a waiting list
Tennis - theres a really good tennis club at chalford sports and social
Vet - Bowbridge
Dog walker - me grin
Swimming lessons - mine have always loved stratford park leisure centre and got on well there
Horse riding - barton end (but expensive) theres also one in brookthorpe thats cheaper and so friendly

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