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Elangeni School vs Chesham Bois CofE Combined School

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sgah1 Sat 29-Jul-17 22:48:18

We have recently moved to Amersham and are very lucky to have been offered a place for our DS at Elangeni School to start Y3 in September 2017 and for our DD at Chestnut Lane to start in reception. Both are also on the waiting list for Chesham Bois Combined School. This was down as our first choice school as we really liked the feel of it when we visited and it seems to have better academic results than Elangeni.

Having been offered a place at Elangeni, we have now been able to visit the school and thought it also looked like a lovely school. Based on this we are now considering sticking with Elangeni/Chestnut Lane and coming off the waiting list for Chesham Bois.

Can anyone give some insight into whether either school is regarded as a particularly more desirable or in-demand than the other? Elangeni seems to have dipped in terms of performance over the last few years and there seems to be a high turnover of teachers. It does however seem to perform consistently well at the ofsted inspections.

Chesham Bois seems to fare far better in the tables, but has less glowing reviews from ofsted and whilst it was rated outstanding in 2009, it was rated satisfactory after the previous inspection.

Would anyone happen to know roughly what proportion of Y6 at Elangeni go on to secure places at Grammars vs Chesham Bois?

We're new to the area, so some local/inside knowledge regarding the above would be much appreciated.

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