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Child models

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mmmum1 Fri 28-Jul-17 16:15:29

Hi, I've never used mumsnet, so if the answer to my question is available somewhere, please provide a link as I've tried but haven't found it.
My child, 12 years old, wants to try to be a model. I'm not a great supporter of that, but I promised we'll give it a go and see where we get with it. I've done some research about what to avoid or be weary of, but I cannot really find any recommended agencies in Wales or Cardiff itself. I don't want to travel any further than Swansea or Bristol either, but would obviously prefer something local.
If any of you work with agencies, please can I have the names and some advice.

angeltop Tue 05-Sep-17 18:47:03

Mmmum1 there is a facebook page which offers advice for model mums 'Advise for parents of child models.' Another, 'Parents of child models'I think they are closed groups so you will have to be added by someone. On the sites there is a pinned post which offers lots of really good advice. The parents are also good for info and advice. Good luck.

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