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Things to do in the summer holidays

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Nobrain Fri 28-Jul-17 15:58:16


Thought I'd start a thread for everyone to share events that are going on in Stockport during the summer holidays.....

Nobrain Fri 28-Jul-17 15:59:44

This is on tomorrow...

Nobrain Fri 28-Jul-17 16:01:18

Free! soccer school sessions

Nobrain Fri 28-Jul-17 16:03:02


Nobrain Fri 28-Jul-17 16:06:10


Nobrain Fri 28-Jul-17 16:08:05

MiniFest 06/08...

Nobrain Sat 29-Jul-17 15:30:31

Nobrain Wed 02-Aug-17 09:45:18

999 Day

Nobrain Wed 02-Aug-17 14:43:18

Fun day

Nobrain Wed 02-Aug-17 18:22:42

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