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greyfriarskitty Thu 27-Jul-17 14:40:56

Hello, can anyone help recommend someone to shift furniture and take some away? My FIL died last year and the house has finally been sold, and after months of messing around they now want to complete in two weeks, so we need to get it cleared. I live in the SW, so don't have any contacts, any help v much appreciated.

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INeedToEat Thu 27-Jul-17 17:41:40

Hey. I used a guy I found through a face book local page last year - called Steve. I've just messaged him for a phone number as I only ever spoke to him via face book. Send me a PM and if/when he responds I'll pass the number on.

HalleLouja Fri 28-Jul-17 06:55:24

You need Nicky from Harpenden Waste Removal. He has a FB page. Did a great job for us.

greyfriarskitty Fri 28-Jul-17 09:21:51

Thank you for all the help, I now have a great list of people to call which is a huge relief!

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mplumber Mon 21-May-18 13:59:35

You can try Raff Removals. Please find more details on their website:

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