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Shops with maternity sections

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Brens13 Thu 27-Jul-17 10:26:55


I'm after some advice on shops with a maternity section actually in-store. I've got a couple of weddings over the summer so need some new dresses but really want to try them on rather than just order online and hope for the best. I live in Southampton which seems totally bereft of options (I'm going to try Debenhams in my lunch break today). Anyone know of any good places? Happy to travel to Winchester, Bournemouth, etc.


AssumethePerpendicular Thu 27-Jul-17 17:08:15

The only places I found with stock in store in Southampton was H and M and mothercare, new look were going to be getting stock.
I think there is a Jojo Mama Bebe in Winchester.
Depending how far along you are I got away with generous cut empire line dresses/tops from white stuff and Lands end until 30 weeks.

Iwannasnack Thu 27-Jul-17 17:41:53

Mamas and papas in Southampton and Jojo in Winchester. New look had loads when i was pregnant with dc1. Almost 3 years later with dc2 it was all pretty much online. Realistically I would order tons of stuff online and then send most of it back. Gap and Asos are pretty good

Brens13 Thu 27-Jul-17 17:44:22

Thanks both. Yep can manage with bigger sizes or looser clothes at the moment but it brought to my attention how little there is in the shops. I found mothercare and new look only had casual wear in store. I'll have a look at jojo in winch for definite.
Definitely planning a trip to a seraphine store in London when I have a proper bump!

tarheelbaby Mon 31-Jul-17 19:06:12

It's been a decade now (!) but back in the day, H&M at West Quay in So'ton had m'wear in stock. I bought tops and trousers there but can't remember whether they had any formal things. I went down the route of accessorising these since I could use what I already had or plan to re-use (one size) accessories. Although I love clothes and it's not in the spirit of your question, do remember that no one is expecting you to dress in the latest trends and people will be cutting you great slack. I also remember clothes to try on in Mothercare in the outdoors part of West Quay.

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