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Dentist recommendations Falmouth or Truro

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pickledparsnip Fri 28-Jul-17 10:23:47

I second Cathpot. Dr Higgins is the absolute best. I am a total child when it comes to the dentist, and she is kind and patient

rabbitsandrhubarb Thu 27-Jul-17 18:36:46

Thank you Cathpot

Cathpot Wed 26-Jul-17 20:05:07
I use this practice, Dr Higgins v nice

rabbitsandrhubarb Wed 26-Jul-17 19:56:47

Can anyone recommend a sympathetic and non judegemental dentist for a nervous patient who hasnt been to the dentist for a while? No obvious problems (ie no pain etc) but know I need a scale and polish and general check up.

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