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wappingmom Wed 26-Jul-17 15:40:57

Hello, We recently moved into Richmond and applied for primary school place. Could anyone have insights about Marshgate Primary and St Elizabeth's catholic school? Academics, play area, students behaviour, mixed crowd etc?

Since the schools are closed we don't have a chance to visit and see the schools and classes in action. Please help

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Westy5 Thu 03-Aug-17 16:49:22

I have a DS just finished Year 3 at Marshgate. He is really happy there and seems to have gained a love of learning. He is exceeding expectations in all areas so we're happy with academics. He has a lovely group of friends and has gained a lot of confidence socially. Behaviour is good. He was involved in a recent bullying incident with a Year 6 boy and it was handled instantly and effectively.
Personally I have some concerns how much attention DS receives as a quiet, well-behaved child in a class of 31 pupils. In his reception class, it was clear in our first parent's evening that the teacher had no idea who he was. Other teachers seem to have a better idea, but I do wonder sometimes if he's reaching their radar.
In addition, approx two or three children enter the class each year without any English, which means there is a separate level of teaching going on alongside the regular curriculum via the teaching assistant. I guess this must happen in most state primaries, but I hadn't realised just how many foreign children enter the system each year and how little help they get in assimilating.
The KS1 play area at Marshgate is lovely - lots of green space. KS2 is a bit grim with a green 'dell' area only accessible once a week for each year group and otherwise it's a concrete playground. There are plenty of after school clubs, almost all of which are oversubscribed, so you have to be quick off the mark.
The head teacher is formidable! She takes no prisoners when it comes to communicating with parents. It's her way or the highway. But Marshgate keeps getting 'outstanding' so it's obviously an effective strategy.
Homework is light and non-intrusive into weekend time. Year 2 SATs were handled with subtlety and the kids weren't stressed by them. They did however spend six months on repetitive worksheets that got very boring for the more able students.
I would recommend Marshgate, but as you probably have gathered, I am a little disenchanted. But I probably have unrealistic expectations of just how personalised a state education can be. If DS was loud and sporty, or struggling academically, or gifted & talented, then he would probably shine at Marshgate. But I feel that as a bright but not brilliant child who is quiet and well-mannered, he gets lost in the crowd and, sometimes literally, forgotten.

wappingmom Thu 03-Aug-17 18:11:52

Thanks Westy5. Hope your LO is happier this year and I completely understand what you feel.

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Cazz81 Tue 28-Nov-17 19:18:42

Hi wappingmom - I'm also torn between these 2 schools. Did you managed to get any further infos?

alienforce Tue 05-Dec-17 11:55:53

Biased towards St Elizabeth’s, fabulous teaching, happy children and parents - mostly . When we were there it was a wonderful experience happy child, excellent stats, well prepared for secondary school in both homework and having high work standards.
School has grown over the years so has changed a little.

Meltripletmum Tue 23-Oct-18 21:03:09


Are there any St Elizabeth Catholic Primary Richmond parents out there who would be willing to give me some feedback on the school. Moving back into Richmond from up North and have 3 Year 2 boys. Would be very keen to hear from any parents with children in Year 2. How do you find the school, quality of teaching, after clubs/energy kidz etc Many thanks

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