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Meenaaaa Mon 24-Jul-17 12:23:12

I have a dd who has just finished year 5, and as she will be starting year 6 in september we must also start choosing and applying to secondary schools.

But I am incredibly stuck. This is my first child that's moving to a secondary school- I don't even know how this works here, as I was educated in a different country.

The closest school to us is Norbury Manor, and seeing the puils I'd say they seem generally well behaved in public however there's always some groups of th creating havoc too.

It would be really convenient if my dd could go there, however convenience isnt the only factor I want to look at; my question is, is Norbury Manor a good choice?
If anyone with children there could give me some insight I'd be extremely greatful.

Also, what are the best schools in Croydon and Lambeth currently?

Mustvadd that we are not Christsin hence Catholic schools are out of question.

Thank you.

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Getaheadinscience Fri 04-Aug-17 21:33:09

Hi Meena,
I hope you found out what you were looking for. I only know about the schools in Purley, Sutton and Warlingham area. I know a lot of children commute to Purley from Croydon so they can attend a good school. I would say Riddlesdown High school is a very good school based on its grades, Warlingham school is also a good school to consider although it may be to far to travel. The schools in Sutton are very good, Stanely Park is an excellent school as is Carshalton Girls. Please let me know how you get on.

lazy76 Wed 09-Aug-17 03:57:18

Carshalton girls in terms of behaviour not up there. I live near there and pass through there on a daily basis, what i see is scary and i wouldnt advise anyone to take their girls there if there is an option.

Kiddle Fri 10-Nov-17 20:53:31

I have jus arrived in west cryodon.i am looking school for my Dd who will be joing year 8 . I am finding difficult as m not aware of system and mostly good school are catholic.I did apply in sutton too but nobody is ready to take.Harris academy was my choice but when i arrived here i heard student have some behaviour issue.I am totally confused.My dd was from catholic school but our place they do take other race as well.pls advice .

MsMich Mon 13-Nov-17 07:38:09

Hi Kiddle

West Croydon is a good central point for transport so your child can travel to some of the better schools in or out of the borough if needs be. Coloma is a top performing state school and is a church school but takes other faiths. Harris Crystal Palace is the best performing out of all the Harris's in Croydon. You must realise that you are in South London technically and all schools face challenges in terms of behaviour unless you are able to pay privately or your child is bright enough to attend a grammar school.

milkchocandmint Tue 14-Nov-17 21:23:15

OP, you did not bash disability but you did bash people on benefits with more than one child. Incidentally, this also includes those who had to give up work due to illness/disability themselves and those who are caring. This really isn't that hard to understand, is it? hmm

milkchocandmint Tue 14-Nov-17 21:24:08

wrong thread blush

Kiddle Wed 15-Nov-17 13:40:12

Thanks MsMitch
Paying private wont be possible.grammar also is fine but i think i miss there dd wil be in year 8.will grammar take in year admission.i understand they go thru some entrance is st marys catholic high school.

MsMich Wed 15-Nov-17 14:28:21

If you go on to the website you can look at all school performances and league tables. St Mary's is a lower performing school rated below average in progress but also you should take your child's personality, strengths and weaknesses in to consideration when looking at schools as its finding what suits your child not necessarily the highest performing. The better schools and grammars will have waiting lists but you can put your child's name down. Grammars are highly selective so your child will only get in if they are very much above average academically.

Kiddle Wed 15-Nov-17 14:55:30

How is norbury manorbusiness &enerprise college and oasis academy shirley park.

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