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Punkatheart Sun 23-Jul-17 23:37:28

Has anyone got any recommendations for surveyors, please? I am buying a house near Coleford and would like to get a good, honest and affordable surveyor. I have lymphoma and stress really affects me. I would love to get someone you have used (and loved). Thanks.

Beaniebeemer Thu 27-Jul-17 23:10:01

This guy. He's based near to the property address too! smile

Punkatheart Fri 28-Jul-17 19:14:11

Is he someone you have used, Beanie?

Beaniebeemer Fri 28-Jul-17 19:26:33

No he's not personally but I work on the edge of the industry. There is another guy who is good in Cheltenham also called Richard Jones - tel: 01242 261213. He comes from Etloe and I can certainly vouch for him.

DobbyisFREE Thu 22-Mar-18 13:33:16

We have just used Elm Surveyors

They were amazing. A small business with a very personal touch (and low prices).

They were available on short notice and very thorough. We got a follow up call the same day as the survey offering a detailed summary (which is offered before payment). Honestly, I can't recommend them enough, they were amazing. The sellers even said they took their number down due to the detailed questions they asked and the time spent there.

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