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Schools in and around West Bridgeford

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Amyniw Sat 22-Jul-17 13:14:30

My husband & I are looking to move near to Nottingham, we fell in love with west bridgeford because of the atmosphere and outstanding schools! Unfortunately the area is so PRICEY! We have seen properties in Lady Bay Area which look nice but what are the schools like? Most are rated as "good" on ofsted but the quality within that rating can vary hugely. I'm hoping someone with local knowledge can tell me what Lady Bay Primary and Nottingham Academy are actually like? Alternatively are there any other areas close to Nottingham that are civilised with good schools?

Angelfaced Tue 15-Aug-17 15:39:55

I'm not sure about lady bay. We rent in wb. Wilford is nice and a lot of it is in catchment for wb schools.

Charmatt Tue 07-Nov-17 14:19:57

Lady Bay Primary has a good reputation and is very well thought of. However, because of that, it is full in all year groups and unless you are applying for first entry, you will struggle to get in. The other school in Lady Bay is a Catholic school with a mixed reputation and, although improved, it was rated as 'inadequate' in the recent past. If you like West Bridgford, but want to guarantee a good or outstanding school, you would be wise to consider one of the villages in the south of the county. There is massive pressure for school places in West Bridgford but a few miles further out, there are lovely villages with good amenities and excellent schools. Your money will go slightly further too.

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