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bex233 Sun 30-Jul-17 23:16:13

Thank you, LordTrash. I've got the 3 schools as my choices when applied smile

LordTrash Sat 22-Jul-17 12:45:53

Hi bex

There are 2 schools in or near Wyke you can try - Wyke Regis Infants or Holy Trinity Primary. My dc went to Holy Trinity, which has a nice modern building and great outdoor space/facilities (especially the garden, which is gorgeous) but has had some difficulties with a high turnover of headteachers and can't seem to get out of the Ofsted 'Requires Improvement' rating.

My dc left with good literacy/maths skills but found at secondary school that they were quite a long way behind in science/humanities. However, they were happy there and didn't experience any bullying or nastiness - the kids seemed for the most part to rub along pretty well.

My mum was a governor at Wyke and they had some Ofsted issues too in the infants, but things seem to be on the up there now.

Both schools are underfunded and doing everything they can to balance budgets.

If you are RC, St Augustine's is very good, and not too far from Wyke (my brother went there from Wyke Regis).

I would not recommend going over to Portland AT ALL.

Anyway - good luck and I hope this has been some help. Wyke Regis is a really nice area for families, with a friendly community and plenty to do. smile

bex233 Fri 21-Jul-17 15:14:45


We are moving to Weymouth soon, and I'm looking for primary schools in the area. My daughter is 6. Any recommendations? We'll be moving to Wyke Regis area if that helps. Thank you in advance! smile

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