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Moving to Warrington

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Pippinfi Thu 20-Jul-17 19:16:35

Hi I'm hoping for some advice on best and worst area's to live in Warrington. We're thinking of relocating to Warrington or surrounding areas, however as I have no idea about the area, would really appreciate any advice from locals. We need good schools and preschool s as well as good public transport as I don't drive. I've been told by friends to head south of the river but that seems to be a bit again any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Meesh77 Fri 28-Jul-17 19:25:31

I guess a lot of advice will be based on your budget and getting the best for your money. So if you can give us a rough idea of your budget we might be able to help?

Pippinfi Sun 30-Jul-17 13:13:53

Sorry our budget is about 200k. Meant to say in my last post that was told to head south of the river but seems a little more than we can afford.

Serin Sat 23-Sep-17 20:05:49

I have PM'd you.

crimsonlake Tue 26-Sep-17 20:24:58

You will struggle to find something south Warrington for under 200k. Having said that it is possible to buy a 2 bed terrace in Stockton Heath for around that amount. Have you looked at Latchford as you get more for your money in that area. All primary schools are very good these days, secondary you may struggle more.

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