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Moving to Stirling area - commuting, housing HELP!

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carolinexiao Thu 20-Jul-17 13:06:39

Hello all,

So DH has a new job in Stirling and I've got a new job in Dundee, and we have a one year old. Neither of us knows ANYWHERE in Scotland (although DH is currently working a few days in Stirling so is getting to know a few places...) so my questions are:

1. Do we all live in Stirling (and send DD to nursery there) and I'll do the big ole commute to Dundee?
2. Do we live somewhere in the middle (Perth??) and then put DD in nursery in the middle?
3. Do we live somewhere in the middle and put DD in nursery near one of our places of work?
4. Is a commute from Stirling to Dundee (driving or train) a crazy idea? It looks like the trains aren't super regular, especially in the mornings...

Just as an extra complication, DH will occasionally have to work in Glasgow and East Kilbride too.

Any advice very gratefully received.xx

tolerable Sat 05-Aug-17 08:27:51

hi. Not sure how helpful this will be..i live stirling, my oldest lad is at Dundee first yr he qualified for halls of residence;the criteria is based on home being deemed too far to travel to/fro daily I think. Actually,my mum recently moved to perth.- the travel time on a citylink coach/or train from our house works out around the same(under an hour)..from perth is maybe half hour/40mins....

Passmethecrisps Sat 05-Aug-17 11:33:07

Do either of you have family or friends already in Stirling or Dundee?

We live in Stirling but both of us commute in different directions. For us having local childcare has been critical for building a local support network. Dd has made friends locally through her nursery and childminder which has given us a network. Putting her in nursery closer to our work would make this much more difficult. So this is something to consider.

We started of one of us working in Stirling so from experience I would suggest picking one of the two towns to live in so that only one of you has the commute. It is horrible both being so far away if something happens with dd.

The journey to Glasgow and East Kilbride makes more sense if you are based in Stirling. That would be a fair old hike from Dundee.

The train from Stirling to Dundee is about an hour so not too bad at all.

carolinexiao Sat 05-Aug-17 13:09:32

Hi both, thanks very much for your replies. We've ended up deciding on Perth (and putting DD in nursery there too) because I decided I couldn't face the drive to Dundee from Stirling every day. Not sure if it will be the right decision, but you make a good point Passmethecrisps about nurseries and local networks! Thanks again x

Passmethecrisps Sat 05-Aug-17 13:16:02

Perth is a great compromise and a really lovely place.

I hope you are happy there.

tolerable Sat 05-Aug-17 19:27:45

As I said,my mum(rather randomly actually)moved there ; - it is indeed quite lovely.All the best with your re-locate and happy ever afters x

carolinexiao Sat 05-Aug-17 20:48:55

Thank you!! X

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