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School transport Newquay area

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Karen333 Thu 20-Jul-17 05:09:34

Hi everyone,
We are trying to sort out moving at the moment and will have to rent for the first year or so. We are thinking about the Newquay area so I rang school admissions and they said all of the primary schools are full for year 6 so my daughter would have to travel out but they couldn't tell me where to until we actually move (from what I can see all of the schools close to Newquay are very good though which is fab). I was hoping to rent somewhere close to a primary to make it easy for her to walk there but I have no idea which school she will be allocated.
I have a disability which means I can't take her to school so I am hoping to qualify for school transport but again they won't tell me anything until we know which school DD will be at.
Does anyone have any info regarding school transport please? Is it pick up from bus stops or the nearest local school? I was told the pick up points can change every year so again they can't say anything until..... you can guess the rest!
Any advice from Newquay mums would be appreciated. There don't seem to be any set criteria for disability and transport which I think there should be to make it clear to people in my situation (e.g. If you qualify for a blue badge or disability benefits you should be entitled).

How do Newquay mums find the primary and secondary schools there??


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